Your spectator thinks of someone. They call. Minds blown.

iNFiNiTi here, and I created this special thing. Magicall will surely be my legacy. I present to you, the latest version of my work; an INSANELY powerful weapon that transforms your Android or iPhone into an impromptu, anytime, anywhere ‘thought of person’ revelation… in the form of a phone call. This is, without doubt the BEST kicker ending to any ‘thought of person’ effect in the world of magic.

This hits hard on so many levels. First, there’s the half a second where their mind tricks them into thinking its actually them (the fantasy – you can see it in their eyes). Then, they just can’t stop laughing at the irony of the situation. Then logic kicks in… it can’t be real, surely? But how? How? They see you answer the call – it looks – and sounds like the real thing. Nothing makes sense. Who else is in on this?


The MOST realistic, customisable and impromptu fake call app ever created

With the ability to set your desired Call Delay, Ringtone and Caller Display Settings, Magicall has been SOLELY designed for magicians, not Pranksters. At your finger tips is a fully integrated system for generating incoming call revelations ON THE SPOT in a range of unbelievable ways, so so easily, including;

*Voice Recognition  
Have your secretly listening phone auto-detect a spoken celebrity and automatically schedule a call from them – it doesn’t get any easier than this.

*Super-Quick-Type-Input (as fast as it takes to unlock your phone!) for receiving a call off ANYONE else named on the spot, including a spectator’s loved one, mother or boss.

*Bluetooth Remote Control Trigger
Pre-set the perfect call from a forced celebrity and trigger the EXACT MOMENT your phone starts to ring using any cheap Bluetooth remote control (sold separately).

*Inject Integration
Have your phone auto-ring from ANY googled celebrity (human being or fictional character). Whoever or whatever they type in on their phone comes up as an INCOMING CALL on your phone.


Linked access to an ONLINE DATABASE of over 2,000 worldwide celebrity contacts and their photos

That means your app is pre-populated with 2,000 famous contacts and growing all the time. The database is LIVE which means any new celebrities we add can be downloaded straight to your contacts.

For the most famous people, we’ve added:

150 x Celebrity Ringtones
Imagine your spectator’s reaction when your ringtone just happens to be associated to the person they are thinking of – freaky!

50 x Live Celebrity FaceTimes
Featuring the likes Taylor Swift, Lionel Messi, Dwayne Johnson and all the other most popular freely named celebrities. Answer the call and switch to ‘interactive’ video chat -the ULTIMATE convincer.

3 x Interactive speaker phone conversations with Tom Cruise, Boris Johnson and David Beckham with the option to have them reveal a spectator’s playing card at the end of the chat.


Add Your OWN Contact

That’s right, you can add your own contacts to Magicall and have them call you anytime, anywhere you want. Fully customisable, you can:

*Edit their caller photo

*Add a Custom Ringtone

*Upload your own FaceTime Video
…So you can have an interactive VIDEO conversation with them. Imagine, half way through a trick your hot girlfriend calls to reveal a spectator’s playing card? Or your psychic daughter calls to reveal a written down word?

*Upload your own Speaker Phone Conversation


Save their call to your REAL Call Log


Have the call come through on YOUR Spectator’s Phone



*Record your spectator’s Reaction and FaceTime interaction (iPhone Only)
Save it straight to the camera roll of your phone and even share it with them.

*Stooge Mode
Secretly communicate with a spectator to play along with the call and pretend it’s real

*In depth teaching, detailed live performances. Access to the amazing Magicall Hotline Facebook Community

All these features at your fingertips:

Don’t forget your Celebrity Playing Cards

Since releasing in 2019, it has been worked to death by hundreds of professional magicians all over the world (including myself at every single gig), though it has remained blissfully underground. I swear by Magicall so much, I’ve continued to invest my time and money making it the best it can possibly be. As the Magicall community has told me, it really doesn’t need ANY new features – it already kills enough) but just because I can… I have.