The Magicall Story

My love for football brought me here.
I was doing a gig on the Severn Valley Railway in 2017 when I asked a female spectator to write down the name of someone she loved so I could secretly peek it and reveal it. “John Terry” she wrote. John Terry, the footballer, who was currently at Villa… and only the night before I’d actually met him at the Villa Players Awards(!!!) “Would it be amazing if last night I was hanging out with the exact random person you are thinking of…” …When I showed her the genuine picture of us, SHE FLIPPED.

I’ll never forget it, because it was one of the best reactions I’d ever received off someone – based on one hundred percent luck. Sometimes in magic, you really do get lucky… but I imagined what it would be like to get this lucky every single time. What if that photo of their freely named celebrity was always there, no matter who they wrote down. Then, crazy thought: Imagine if that person could call my phone. Imagine the hilarity and where you could then take the script. A final kicker to any ‘thought of person’.

For a couple of years I played with dozens existing fake call apps on the market and the reactions were always incredible. But the set up was horrible and the calls looked fake.
The problem was, these apps were cheap and designed for pranks, not magicians.

My original aim was to create an app with a fake lock screen in which you could quickly enter the name of someone to call you, on the spot, while unlocking your phone… and six years later we have the third generation of Magicall which lets you do an insane amount more.

The app was created for magicians by magicians. I don’t just mean produced by myself, but actually coded and scripted by magicians too. It takes a magician to really know a magician, which is why I approached App Developer and performer Myke Phillips to develop the original version, after his groundbreaking iUnlockyourmind release. His input, not just to the app’s functionality but creativity was instrumental… and Magicall could never have been this good without him. Pioneering Developer Myke Phillips has since retired to the sunshine, which is where Myke’s previous Co-Developer, the bad-ass coder Badasha Khan stepped in. Also an amazing performer from India, Badasha built the Android version from scratch and is responsible for realising Magicall 3’s latest features – taking it to the next level in terms of what is possible in the world of fake calls and magic. Quite simply, if I asked him if something was possible he’d reply “No. Is not. But I can do it”.
Badasha is the owner of Digital Mentalism and has an entire range of best-selling apps for Android and iOS to his name.

Full Credits

Magicall for iOS and Android

Produced by
Mark iNFiNiTi

Developed by
Badasha Khan

Originally Developed by

Myke Phillips

Alpha Testers 
iNFiNiTi of course
Scott Paton
Lord Harri

Special Thanks 
Mark Traversoni & Team Saturn

An app inspired by…
Chris Beshore’s iOS Fake Call App “Who’s Calling”

By using this app you agree to our terms that TV performance and Radio rights are strictly reserved. This includes recording for a professional web video such as a YouTube or Facebook show for a highly followed account. You need our written consent to fully perform Magicall on TV. Please contact us via and we are sure the creator would love nothing more than to see you performing with it.

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